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Weed Control Solutions

Weed Control Solutions

Goodwin Garden services provide comprehensive weed control solutions on a one time basis. It can also be added at a low cost as part of your regular garden maintenance.  We believe the application of weed killer is a time efficient and cost effective way to control nuisance weeds.

Our service is ideal for weeding patios, driveways and block paving. It can be very time consuming and often ineffective to do this by hand. Hardier weeds will quickly return unless the roots are fully removed which often proves difficult. With this in mind, we believe our service offers the ideal solution. Weeds will absorb a tranlocated weedkiller such as Glyphosate right down to the root which will completely kill them.  Also, applying a residual weedkiller such as Diflufenican or Flazasulfuron at the same time can prevent any new weeds forming for up to 6 months.  Thus, solving the problem whilst saving hours of time in the process.

Our spraying service is also a perfect solution for clearing large areas of land.

Whether you need total or selective weed control or a long lasting solution for those problematic areas our weed control service can help.

For your peace of mind, we are NPTC qualified carrying PA1 and PA6a certification. We can provide a number of professional quality herbicides to assist in the prevention of weeds and will always recommend the most applicable one for your situation.

Is it safe to use weedkiller?

We are often asked about the safety implications of spraying weeds with weedkillers. The truth is if used incorrectly weedkillers can be very harmful to people, animals and the environment.  For this reason, we would always recommend seeking professional help if want to use weedkillers around your property.

We will always carry out a full risk assessment before we apply any solution and follow a strict code of practice throughout, keeping ourselves, you and the environment safe. We will only ever use chemicals that have minimal enviromental impact. All treated areas will be perfectly safe for people and animals once the solution is dry. The only thing that needs to worry about the application of weedkiller in your garden is the weeds ruining it!


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