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Pressure Washing

Driveway and Patio Pressure Washing

The driveway is usually the first feature that you will see when you enter your home. Unfortunately, a dirty, tired looking driveway can really lower curb appeal. It is inevitable that over time even new driveways and patios will become grimy and start looking tired. Pressure washing is the ideal solution to this.

Areas with a high level of traffic such as driveways, patios and pathways easily become dirtied. Stains from mud, dust, dirt, leaf tannins, oil stains and rubber marks all cause driveways and patios to look unsightly. Not to mention, mold, mildew, moss and algae which can all be potential health hazards.

For this reason, we would always recommend cleaning your driveways, patios, and pathways a least one a year.

The benefits of our pressure washing service

Whether your surface is block paved, slabbed or concrete, our pressure washing service can restore the look of the surface, making it visually attractive again.

Not only will our cleaning expertise restore their appearance by removing dirt and grime. It will prevent injuries caused by slipping and falling by removing hazards such a moss and algae. It will also eliminate other health hazards such as mold and mildew.

Overall, with our service, home safety will be improved whilst restoring the look of your surfaces. Thus creating a tidy more appealing home. Pressure washing is a cost-effective way to add curb appeal and value to your home.

Our professional quality pressure washers have the power needed to completely clear dirt and grime away from the surface of your driveways, patios, and pathways. This will leave a much more pleasing finish than the standard home user type cleaners.

We include re-sanding block paving with kiln dried sand as part of the pressure washing service.

We can also offer re-pointing, sealing and weed killing services at extra cost.


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